About the project

The aim of this project was to develop an online searchable collection of Indigenous plants and animals found on the Surf Coast and the Bellarine, suitable for community use.

The Wadawurrung communities have long cared for the wildlife in these areas and we acknowledge this nurturing and pay respects to past and present Indigenous people for their ongoing custodianship of the land.

Surf Coast Nature Search, created by Friends of Jan Juc and Angair came first. Then, in 2021, Friends of Ocean Grove Nature Reserve (FOGNR) added to it with Bellarine Nature Search. FOGNR thanks the Surf Coast team for their willingness to share information and cooperate in building the combined database, and to Boojum web design for their technical expertise and collaborative spirit. We are also grateful to knowledge experts from Bellarine Catchment Network, Bellarine Landcare Group and Geelong Field Naturalists who have ensured flora and fauna information is current and accurate.

For more detailed study of Bellarine wildlife we encourage use of iNaturalist.

Nature Search is a work in progress; it is not an exhaustive collection of all indigenous species and will be added to as resources permit and as ecosystems evolve.

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The top home page image of the beach Point Impossible is licensed and supplied by Lynden Smith.